Our Ministries

Deacons Fund

This fund is managed by the Deacons to help those in the community experiencing difficult times. By donating to the United Church of Strafford’s Deacons Fund, the Deacons are able, in complete confidentiality and with care, to assist those in our community who find themselves in a tight spot.  You can donate online to the fund by clicking here and indicating in the box to the right of your donation amount that your contribution is for the Deacons Fund.

Mission Committee

We have an active Mission Committee that exists to distribute church-
designated funds to groups and organizations that directly provide relief
and support to people in distress. In addition, the committee strives to
engage the congregation in mission projects. The committee looks at
projects on local, regional, national and global levels and is grateful for new
ideas for mission work. The values of the committee are found in Matthew
25:31-46 which states, “Lord, when was it we saw you hungry or thirsty, or
a stranger and we helped you?….The king answered, Truly I tell you, just
as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it
to me.”

Seniors/Elders or Children/Youth – Need a ride to church? Let us know and we’ll arrange a ride. Write us at unitedchurchofstrafford@gmail.com.

Fulfilling Our Vision Committee

Our Future Directions vision says in part, “We intend to be a force, not just a presence, responding to wrongs, threats and destructive forces in the world and effecting positive social change, connecting religion to issues of peace, justice and the care of God’s creation.”  The Fulfilling Our Vision Committee engages in a variety or activities to pursue that mission.

Heartfulness Contemplative Training Circle

The Heartfulness Circle meets on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:10 PM Eastern Time for practice and conversation, both in person in the United Church of Strafford Parish Hall and by Zoom.  All are welcome who are interested in mindfulness and meditation, or heartfulness and centering prayer.  This is a time to talk about our practice and share insights or questions about it, and also a time for more general spiritual support.

You can find a brief description of the format along with Centering Prayer instructions here: Heartfulness Circle Format and Instructions

We are thrilled to have people join us by Zoom from afar or from home!  The format is interactive—Zoom attendees are full participants in the conversation along with those attending in person.

If you would like to attend by Zoom and all you need is the link, here it is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83105680256

The circle takes place in a generally Christian context and instruction will draw primarily on the Christian contemplative tradition, especially the abundant resources that are burgeoning now in the field of Centering Prayer.

You can find more information about the Circle by clicking here.


We are blessed with a rich history of music and a choir that loves to sing from a variety of traditions.  Thanks in part to the Manheim Fund for the Sacred Arts and the generous sharing of pianist Annemieke McLane’s talents and endless enthusiasm we host a number of concerts and opportunities for singing and performing in our sanctuary.

Child Care and Spiritual Exploration

This is a church that loves its children!  We offer child care every Sunday and have a series of Spiritual Exploration sessions at different times of year, including the popular Christmas Pageant.  There are also special activities in the back of the sanctuary for children, and more comfortable chairs for parents with infants.


Youth are involved in a variety of ways.  They provide childcare,  participate in the Pageant and Lord’s Acre events, attend occasional programming specifically for youth, and sometimes play instruments during worship or sing in the adult choir.

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