Religious Exploration for Children Starts 10/22

First, thanks go out to parents who shared their thoughts about religious exploration for their children.

We have heard that parents would like for their children to explore religious basics. With that in mind, Joey Hawkins and Danette Harris are starting a new fall unit this Sunday that will explore prayer in many religions (Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish) as well as taking a close look at The Lord’s Prayer.

This is open to all school aged children of any denomination. If your children need a ride to and from church (or  you have questions), please give Danette Harris a call at 765-4312.

Children are encouraged to bring a friend along! Hope to see you!

When: Starting at 10:00am on this Sunday, October 22 (Children will be in church for the first third of the church service and then they will head back for religious exploration.)

Where: The United Church of Strafford on the common in Strafford, Vermont

Thank you!

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