Mission News: Supporting the Work of Another of Our Grown Children

The Mission Committee recently voted to support Africa Healing Exchange. The founder and executive director of this amazing non-profit is Sara Stender (Ann McLaughlin’s daughter and Meg Albee’s sister). Some of you may remember Sara as Mary in a United Church of Strafford’s live nativity scene in a barn just down the street from the church many years ago!

Africa Healing Exchange’s mission is to “provide a platform for people to overcome trauma, manage daily stress and create healthy living habits. The Restoring Resiliency Program is delivered to individuals and organizations in the US and Rwanda to end the cycle of trauma, with a particular emphasis on mothers and children.” The organization also has an Entrepreneurship Training Program to offer assistance for small business development.

We are proud to support Sara in this work and wanted to offer the opportunity to everyone else to donate as well. Here is the website address, which has information about the organization as well as ways to help out:   http://healingexchange.org

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