Children’s Program: Who Was Jesus? What Did He Teach? Why Does It Matter?

New Religious Exploration program for children starts this Sunday.  This week, Joey Hawkins and Danette Harris and Pastor Tom Kinder met to discuss and plan another session of religious education. After much discussion and consideration, it was decided to focus on the life and teachings of Jesus for the next six weeks. Since we couldn’t wait to get started, we are kicking off the new session this coming Sunday. Below are the dates and the tentative topics:

Who Was Jesus? What Did He Teach and Why Does He Matter?

Sunday, May 6: Humble Beginnings: The Birth of Jesus
Sunday, May 13: Jesus as a Child in the Temple
Sunday, May 20: Jesus’ Baptism and Journey Into the Wilderness
Sunday, May 27: Jesus: Teacher and Healer
Sunday, June 3: Jesus: Reformer, Prophet and….Trouble
Sunday, June 10: Jesus Lives! Easter, Pentecost and Carrying the Teachings of Jesus Forward
Children of al ages are invited to join us in the Parish Hall after the Time with the Children in the Sunday service!

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