Concert and Music News

Next Concerts

Held on Fridays (except where noted), 7:00-8:15 PM. Admission by donation, 20% goes to the church’s Manheim Fund for the Arts.

May 11th, “Music and Memories,” pianist Annemieke McLane. Composers writing for friends, or about memories, pieces listeners may have memories from—an eclectic selection of great pieces.

June 22nd, “Beethoven & Friends,” pianist Annemieke McLane (repeat by request of people who missed it)

Saturday, July 14th, Summer Workshop concert

August 31st, Cassotto Duo (Jeremiah & Annemieke McLane)

Summer workshop!! “Tonalities/Tonal Center.” July 11, 12th evenings and 14th day plus evening concert. Led by Annemieke McLane.  Songs throughout ages in many keys, modes, moods.

Sing with the Choir  Weekly choir for ages 12-92. Sing in service. Sing with gratitude, love, pain, all that is there.  Everyone is welcome 8:50 AM-ish. Rehearsals start 9 AM. At the beginning of each month a 4-week plan/repertoire list will be handed out. All levels/experiences are welcome.

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