Organ Recital by John Atwood on June 29th

Don’t miss this if you are at all fond of Bach and Buxtehude’s organ music and want to learn some of the history of our organ by one of the people who built it.  John Atwood just refurbished the organ he helped build and will be showing off what it can do in all its glory.  The recital will celebrate his work and also commemorate the first organ recital that John gave here 45 years ago almost to the day when the Parish Hall addition and organ were dedicated on July 1, 1973.

The recital will take place on Friday, June 29, 2018 at 7:00 PM.  It will last approximately an hour and be followed by refreshments.

Here is the draft of the program (plus we will sing one hymn):

Toccata and Fugue in d minor by J. S. Bach adapted for this organ
Five short pieces for musical clock by Joseph Haydn with varied registration for the five pieces
Variations on My Young Life has an End            J. P. Sweelinck
Offertoire in D Major: Grave, Marque, Legerement      Jean Francois Dandrieu
Pastorella in F Major (first movement)      J. S. Bach
Variations on “Let us rock the Christ Child”             Franz Xaver Anton Murschhauser   This piece has Christ as a very real baby with use of cuckoo effects. Murschhauser was from near the Black Forest and would have been very familiar with cuckoo.
“Adagio”          Lucien H. Southard (1827–1881) He was a native of Sharon, Vermont and went on to become a teacher at Peabody. He is part of the local organ history along with Randolph organ builder, William Nutting.
Prelude & Fugue in a minor      Attr. J. S. Bach.
Fugue in C Major                D. Buxtehude

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