Lords Acre 2018 Photos and Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this year’s Lord’s Acre a success! We thank Joey for writing and co-directing Some Show!, and Anniemieke for directing and being the musician and everyone who participated in and attended the show as well as those that purchased ads for the program. We thank Ed Eastman for serving as our chef again this year and Danette for doing the huge job of making everything downstairs run smoothly. Thank you, everyone, who donated, cooked, prepared and provided food, worked at the dinner and everyone who came to the meal. It truly takes a village to put on Lord’s Acre…..and we thank you each and every one.

Below is the first set of photos–you can see 39 more fabulous ones, including a scandalous shot of Wilbur eating a ham sandwich!!!, by clicking here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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