Oxfam Hunger Banquet and Children’s Religious Exploration

Our next session of Religious Exploration will begin during worship on Sunday November 4th.  All children are invited to come on the 4th and 11th to prepare to host a Hunger Banquet for the congregation that will take place in the Parish Hall immediately following worship on Sunday, November 18th, the Sunday we celebrate Thanksgiving in worship.  Please speak with Danette Harris or Joey Hawkins if you have any questions, suggestions or offers to help!  Thank you!  We have not had a Hunger Banquet for many years, but they have been extremely popular, and powerful, in the past.  This would be a good time to invite other children and families to participate.

If you are unable to make it to the banquet, you are still welcome to make a donation to Oxfam. Please make out your check to the UCS Mission Committee with Oxfam on the note line. Checks may be sent to Danette Harris at PO Box 143 South Strafford. Thank you!

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