Stereotype Project by Charlotte Reimanis

There will be an interactive poster in the Parish Hall starting the William Sloane Coffin weekend, March 22-24th, and staying up through Easter Sunday, April 21st. People will be invited to write down on sticky notes groups of people that they see or experience being stereotyped and how they are being stereotyped in our society today. In preparation for this project, we are asking people to bring in images that show stereotyping. These will be turned into a collage that will make up the poster underneath the sticky notes. Some examples are the Native American on the Land O’ Lakes butter box and the Quaker on the oats tub. Any images that you find in magazines, online, food containers, etc. would be great to include! They can be about anything- race, gender, ethnicity, background…Please either put them in the Pastor’s mailbox in the church library or in the designated basket in the back of the sanctuary, or simply hand them to me. Thank you, and more information will follow about the actual poster and project in the weeks ahead.   ~Charlotte Reimanis

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