Poetry Salon on a Resurrection Theme in Newbury, May 4th

Join Sydney Lea and other area poets for a Poetry Salon on Saturday, May 4, at 4:30 PM in the sanctuary of First Congregational Church of Newbury, Vermont, at 4915 Main Street.

A Women’s Fellowship benefit supper for Church World Service and Oxbow Senior Independence Project will follow at 6 PM.

Amateur poets are invited to share one brief poem during the maple dessert contest after the main meal.

Four published area poets will share at 4:30:

Sydney Lea is the former Poet Laureate of Vermont, a former Pulitzer Prize finalist, and lives in Newbury, Vermont. He will publish his 20th book and his 13th poetry collection in September.

Garret Keizer has written numerous acclaimed books, including Help: The Original Human Dilemma, The Enigma of Anger, and A Dresser of Sycamore Trees. A regular contributor to Harper’s magazine, he has just published his first poetry collection, The World Pushes Back. He lives in Sutton, Vermont

Mark Hart will read from his most recent book of poetry, The Joy of Blasphemy, and the previously published Boy Singing to Cattle. He is a therapist, meditation teacher, and Buddhist student advisor at Amherst College. He lives in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Thomas Cary Kinder is a pastor, poet, and hymn writer who lives and serves in Strafford, Vermont. He will be reading from his upcoming Sonnets of Celebration and Love as well as from his seven book Sonnets for the Struggle series.

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