Upcoming Service Notes, July 14, 2019

This Sunday we will hear Jesus give what he considered to be the core teaching of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition, and we will look at how it would change the world if humanity followed it.  (Luke 10:25-37)  We also will hear the reassurance from Moses that it is entirely possible for us to grasp these instructions. (Deuteronomy 30:11-19)  And we will hear Psalm 25 promise that God will teach the humble the way, and that the way of God can be summed up as steadfast love, as Jesus would agree.

The music will celebrate this extremely hopeful message and vision.  The congregation will sing three beautiful and beloved hymns, “Dear God Embracing Humankind” (the former “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind” in all but name), “Lord, Whose Love through Humble Service” and “Won’t You Let Me Be Your Servant.”  The choir will sing a Taize introit, the Gaelic blessing as a choral benediction and “God’s Love Is in Each Song,” a contemporary set of words set to a tune by a 17th century Baroque composer with the great name of Ahasuerus (or Ahasverus) Fritsch and harmonized by J. S. Bach.

Pianist Annemieke McLane will play pieces by J. Brahms, A. Casella and Chopin/Liszt.

If you love to sing, please feel free to be part of the choir—no long-term commitment or religious affiliation necessary, just show up at 8:50 AM on Sunday mornings and share the joy with your neighbors.  Thank you!

After refreshments we will have the last of five sessions of our climate book discussion.

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