Pastoral Letter: Why Our Communication Workshops are So Important

Dear Neighbors,

Please come to as many of the Communication Workshops as you can if any of the situations below apply to you.  The workshops are not religious–we are providing them for the benefit of the town.  They are on Saturdays September 14th, 21st and 28th from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM.  A $10 fee covers hand-outs and lunch, and the fee can be waived upon request, no questions asked.  You can read the agenda for each workshop and more details, including how to register, by going to our website at
Have members of your family become estranged because of differences or conflicts or hurtful remarks?
Has your workplace, church or community organization become divided and unable to resolve their differences so that people have quit?
Have you lost friends because you are on opposite sides of issues or because of difficult interactions that you could not talk through?
Have you seen two people you love have a falling out over something you believe could have been resolved?
Have you witnessed hurtful town discussions or a damaging lack of open, healthy communication?
Do you live in a nation that is so polarized that people in different parties cannot talk or work together?
If so, these workshops are for you.  They are a major time commitment, it is true, but they will help you the rest of your life with every relationship and community that you care about and want to help flourish.  The truth is we all need these skills and techniques, and if we all had them, we and our families and this world would live in far greater harmony and peace.
If you want that, then please see our website to read the details and register.
Thank you!
Pastor Tom Kinder

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