Upcoming Service Notes for October 6, 2019

This Sunday offers the dynamic combination of World Communion Sunday and the return of George Kinder for our Golden Civilization Conversation II.  We will take the Golden Civilization conversation much farther and deeper, following our fist conversation last April.  (See below for the agenda for the after-refreshments portion of the day.)
George will be giving a talk during the sermon time about the very practical role of mindfulness and freedom in transforming our democracy, economy and media and in cultivating wise leadership to make the changes that our civilization urgently needs in order to survive.
His talk will follow the line of thinking in our sermons of September 22nd and September 29th about the need for a change of consciousness toward wisdom and oneness and love of neighbor. We will read from Psalm 37, Deuteronomy 30:15-19 and Luke 17:5-6 and sing “Many Gifts, One Spirit” and “God of Grace and God of Glory,” as well as the World Communion hymn, “When We Can See As God Can See.”  The choir will sing the South African, “Freedom Is Coming,” the Ecclesiastes “Turn, Turn, Turn” by Pete Seeger, arranged by the Amidons, and the Hebrew “Henay Ma Tov.” (“It is so good and pleasant when brothers are together!”)  Pianist Annemieke McLane will perform three gorgeous pieces as she does every week, amazing our ears and filling our soul.
Here is the agenda after refreshments (approximately 11:45 to 1:30 PM)…

First we will focus on a question posed by Gus Speth in the last chapter of his book America the Possible.  How can we form a united, global movement joining people concerned about the full range of social justice and environmental issues in order to generate enough strength to transform democracy, the economy and the media, and to cultivate the wise leadership to get us there?  Can we point to a common problem or set of problems that unites us?  Can we unite behind a shared vision of a better world we all are trying to create, like what George names the Golden Civilization?
Second, George would like us to focus on a question that is not getting nearly enough attention right now.  The existing media structure makes nearly impossible the hope of uniting society to work together toward a new, sustainable way of being.  How can we reform the media so that propaganda and mis-information machines controlled by a handful of people are not dominating entire areas of the country and inciting divisions and values that run completely counter to the founding principles of our society?  How can we make the media a commons for all people, independent of corporate or government influence or control, and accountable to the highest standards of journalism?
Please spread the word about this opportunity and invite anyone you feel would be interested.  All are welcome of any spiritual tradition or none.
Here is a video recording of “Freedom Is Coming” from J. S. Bach’s church in Leipzig.  It is worth watching any number of times for its uplift.

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