Upcoming Service Notes for October 13, 2019, Refugee Sunday

Transport 2 24 x 26 oil/canvas by Marcia Bushnell

We are suggesting a homework assignment to prepare for this Sunday’s presentation on refugees by artist and activist Marcia Bushnell. We will have a brief worship service in the sanctuary at 10:00 AM and then a symbolic refugee journey to the Parish Hall for a video presentation narrated by Marcia of her thirty years of art, research and reflections on refugees. The presentation will begin shortly after 10:20 PM.  We will break for refreshments at 11:25 or so and then regroup for a discussion of Marcia’s presentation and the issues it raises, ending by 1:00 PM.

The brief service will include a time with the children, a responsive reading of scriptures, pianist Annemieke McLane playing a heart melting Prelude by A. Scriabin, the choir singing “Refugee” by R. Hoffmann and L. Holstedt and a Prayer of Confession from the Church of Scotland.  We will sing a hymn as we make our refugee journey to the Parish Hall for Marcia’s presentation.

As suggested (not required) homework, we urge you to watch some videos on refugees including these below.  The first is a set of very short films recommended by the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, the second is a must-see feature length documentary and the third is another set of short films recommended by Amnesty International:

7 videos guaranteed to change the way you see refugees

and click here for:

Human Flow, a stunning documentary by artist, activist and director, Ai Weiwei

Here is its trailer, a work of art in itself and a beautiful, poignant summary of the refugee issue:

And you can see the Amnesty International set by clicking here:


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