2019 Thanksgiving to Christmas Holiday Calendar

This is the lineup of holiday and holy day services and events so far:

Sun. Nov. 10  Advent Preparation Sunday

A service that previews some of the music and themes of Advent and invites us to reflect on what kind of season we need this year spiritually and how to prepare so the demands or trials of the season do not stop us from getting the spiritual experience we need.

Sun. Nov. 24  Thanksgiving Sunday

Celebrating Thanksgiving in 10:00 AM worship with traditional hymns and scriptures.

Thurs. Nov. 28  Strafford Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

(Usually at 10:00 AM in Our Lady of Light Catholic church in South Strafford. Look for details in the near future.)

Sun. Dec. 1  First Sunday of Advent

Advent begins with the beautiful rituals of children hanging the greens and lighting the Advent candle of Hope and the congregation singing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

Fri. Dec. 6   “Noel” Concert

7:00 PM with Julie Ness, Timothy Cummings, Jeremiah McLane and Annemieke McLane

Sat. Dec. 7  Thetford Chamber Singers Concert

7:30 PM, “Hope,” and candle ritual in our sanctuary.

Sun. Dec. 8  Second Sunday of Advent

Lighting the candle of Peace.

Sun. Dec. 15  Third Sunday of Advent and Pageant Sunday

During the 10:00 AM service a new Annemieke McLane original script for the children and adults to perform with beautiful carols and anthems, followed by a brief service and the lighting of the Advent candle of Joy.

Sun. Dec. 22  Fourth Sunday of Advent, Mary Sunday

Lighting the candle of Love and celebrating Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the model she serves for our spiritual lives.

Tues. Dec. 24  Christmas Eve Service 5:30 PM 

Picture excited and awe-filled children, a sanctuary lit entirely by candles, beloved carols and lessons and gorgeous choral and instrumental music, in a service timed to allow you to have all your other Christmas Eve traditions as well.

Sun. Dec. 29  Our annual informal, potluck Christmas Carol Sing and Story Telling and Christmas Treat Feast

At our 10:00 AM service—a highlight of the season for many people. We sing carols by request, we hear stories, poems or songs that we bring to share and we get to sample one another’s favorite Christmas desserts or other treats.

Sun. Jan. 5  Epiphany Sunday 

Celebrating the Magi arriving in Bethlehem to pay homage to the Christ-child as we begin a season of seeing the light of God in the world.

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