New Version of the Lord’s Prayer

We have members of our congregation who love the language of the traditional Lord’s Prayer or the connection it brings to the church they grew up in or the parents or grandparents who taught it to them.  We have other members who did not grow up with it and cannot relate to it, or whose theology is so different from it that they find it difficult to say, let alone pray.

We now say both the traditional one and this contemporary loose translation:

Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer,
Way, Truth and Life,
Force of Love and Light
flowing within and all around us,
may your realm of compassion,
justice and peace rule our world.
Thank you for nurturing and guiding us,
forgiving us and helping us forgive,
and leading us away from harmful desires.
Please save us from all forms of evil,
for you are our source, our home, our power,
all goodness and beauty forever. Amen.

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