Upcoming Service Notes for December 15, 2019, Pageant Sunday

Greta Thunberg has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year just days in advance of her appearance alongside Malala Yousafzai in Annemieke McLane’s new original Christmas Pageant entitled, “One Voice.”  The play is about a little shepherd in Bethlehem who longs to find his place and helpful role in the world.  The Greta and Malala characters offer the nativity story and the experience of the little shepherd and his family as sources of inspiration for us all.

Along the way the choir will sing a Dutch lullaby and the congregation will sing some favorite Christmas carols.

We will follow the pageant performance with a brief Advent service including lighting the candle of Joy, singing “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” and reflecting on some of the messages Greta, Malala and Annemieke have given us to ponder.

If you know Annemieke, you know how full of beautiful light she is, and this service promises to be as full of laughter, love and joy as the past years of her original pageants.  She will also play piano pieces by François Couperin and lead the choir in singing the Traditional French carol, “Ding Dong.”


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