Resolution to Declare a Climate Emergency at Town Meeting

Strafford voters will consider the resolution below at Town Meeting.  Please read it and talk with neighbors about it.  If you have questions, please email them to us at for a Frequently Asked Questions sheet, or use the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this posting.  Thank you!

WHEREAS, the United Nations, climate scientists from around the world, and world leaders of 175 countries, all recognize and agree that to avoid catastrophic climate change, drastic reductions in global greenhouse emissions must be achieved by 2030.

WHEREAS, carbon emissions in Vermont are up 16% from 1990 levels, dramatically failing to meet our state goal of 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2012; NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITIZENS OF THE TOWN OF STRAFFORD:

  1. Declare that a climate emergency threatens our town, the State of Vermont, and the whole world;
  2. Commit to integrating the need to act urgently on climate into all future decision-making, while incorporating transitions that are just and equitable, and to working toward a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Strafford by 2030;
  3. Direct the Strafford Select Board to ask the Strafford Energy Committee, in collaboration with other organizations and individuals, to report periodically on the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions and to present information and ideas for achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Strafford by 2030; and
  4. Urge the government of the State of Vermont to promptly initiate and enact legislation needed to ensure that Vermont’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are met, and take steps to mitigate any resulting harm to vulnerable populations in Vermont.

One Comment on “Resolution to Declare a Climate Emergency at Town Meeting

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