Children’s Story Time with Joey and Danette

We will have another Children’s Story Time by Zoom, this Sunday May 31st at 10:00 AM— I took part in it last week and it was fabulous—it worked really well.  The only thing missing was more children, so please spread the word and invite children far and near!  Here is the announcement from Danette Harris and Joey Hawkins for May 31st:

Story Time with Joey and Danette: Boxes for Katje
At 10:00am this Sunday morning, please join Joey and Danette on Zoom as we read aloud the book Boxes for Katje. We will start out with joys and concerns. Then, we will read the story aloud, discuss the story and its big idea. All children in grades 4 and under are welcome to join us!  Hope to see you there!

I imagine you know this by now, but Zoom accounts are free and allow you to test out the system in advance so you can be ready to sign on when the time comes. If you need instructions, they are below.  If you are familiar with Zoom, here is the link you need for this gathering:

Please join us at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning, May 31st,on line on Zoom:

Topic: Children’s Story Time

Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) May 31st.

Directions On How To Use Zoom

Download the Application to Your Computer First (if you will be using the computer)
Open your internet browser and go to
On the top, charcoal colored bar, click
‘Resources=>Download Zoom client’
On the Download Center page that opens, choose the top option ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’
You will get a Zoom installer file appropriate for your computer.
Run that file and it will install a small, client application that all the Zoom Meeting links will use.
Once you successfully install this, you should be ready to join any Zoom meeting, using the meeting links that you receive.

Joining a Zoom Meeting Remotely
You will be able to join this gathering by computer (audio, video) or smart phone (audio, video).  You will need a log-in link and you may need a Meeting ID.  (See below.)

Please note: ANY computer that has speakers and Internet access can join a Zoom meeting. If you do NOT have a webcam (either built in or added on to your computer) you will still be able to see other people — but they will not be able to see you.

To join this Zoom Gathering:

1.     Log into the link for the meeting you are joining. For Sunday mornings:  

2.     “Allow” Zoom to download the Zoom Client app used in Zoom meetings.

3.     If asked, enter the 9-digit Meeting ID number for the meeting you are joining.  For the Children’s Story Time: Meeting ID:  860 3497 2073

4.     Join the meeting using video and computer audio.

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