Anti-racism Strafford Event June 25, 2020

June 25th Strafford Action Supporting Black Lives Matter and a Just and Fair America  

Our congregation will be participating in a Strafford action organized by Susan Cloke.  It will take place on the month anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, on Thursday, June 25th, starting at 5:00 PM.  We will be ringing our church bell at the start and eight minutes and forty-six seconds later and the UU Church bell will ring at the same time in the lower village. All are asked to step outside their houses in silence for the duration.  Here is a description:

8 minute 46 seconds town action supporting Black Lives Matter and showing a town commitment to work for a Just and Fair America. 

IDEA  On an agreed upon day and time, the bells on all the churches, the town house and everyone who has bells, rings the bells.  People go outside and stand in their own front yards for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.  Then all the bells ring again.

WHY  This gives People a way to be a part of the National Protest against the killing of George Floyd and to support the Black Lives Matter movement, to be part of the Strafford community as it expresses its opposition to racism and it’s determination to end the callous, brutal killing of black men that is a long-standing sin of America.

Covid19  The idea is simple and respects the social distance rules imposed by covid19

When    June 25th Late afternoon –  5:00 to 5:8.46

CHURCH PARTICIPATION  Ring the Church bells.  Invite and encourage participation.

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