Anti-Racism Pastoral Letter July 18, 2020

Dear Church Family,
I am writing to make sure you are aware of three things relating to the struggle for social, economic and environmental justice in the Spirit of Christ.
First, Rep. John Lewis has died, someone who risked his life and gave his all for justice, a quiet, powerful, persistent, eloquent, dignified, beautiful, inspiring leader and supporter.  Those words do not begin to do him justice.  The best tribute we could possibly give him is to dedicate our all as he did to the movement for social, economic and environmental justice and the creation of the beloved community of all earth.
Second, an opportunity to do something in his honor this Monday being co-led by the Rev. William Barber:
There is an event planned for Hanover, and people in Strafford are hoping either to participate there or do something here.  You can find information about the Hanover event here (if this link doesn’t work you can click “Find an Event” at the bottom of the first link):
Third, we are engaged with an enemy of justice that is not going to give up and is proving itself willing to use the kind of force against us that totalitarian regimes use.  The movement and the upcoming election are increasing in importance.  Those who care about the values of love of neighbor and the Golden Rule and the virtues of democracy, freedom and justice can’t let up.
If you have not heard about what the federal government is doing in Portland, Oregon, here is a link:
Thank you for everything you are doing!
Courage in the struggle,

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