April 11, 2021 Children’s (and Adults’) Story Time

We will have a Children’s (and Adults’) Story Time by Zoom, this Sunday, April 11th at 9:30 AM—Please spread the word about this event.  Children can attend from anywhere and adults are welcome, too!

We will be offering story time whenever we have a volunteer to lead it.  Please let us know if you would like to share a favorite book or skit or story with the children by emailing us at unitedchurchofstrafford@gmail.com.

New Story Time Theme: Sowing the Seeds of Kindness
This Sunday at 9:30am, please join Joey Hawkins and Danette Harris for a new spring story series that is just in time for the sprouting of all kinds of things in our gardens: Sowing the Seeds of Kindness. We have selected a wide variety of stories to share that depict children, adults and even animals showing loving kindness towards one another.
We will start off the series with the beloved story Dogger, by Shirley Hughes. (A favorite of the Harris family!) Here is a description of the story: “Dave and Dogger, Dave’s soft, brown stuffed toy, go everywhere together, all the time. But one evening, just before bedtime, Dave discovers Dogger is lost. Can such a sad story end happily? It can- and does- with a little help from (kind!) big sister Bella.”
Children of all ages are welcome to join us for the story and a short, informal discussion afterwards when we will focus on the thoughts of the children.
We hope that you can join us!

Here is the Zoom link (note that it is the same as the Sunday morning Live Service at 10:00 and Joys and Concerns at 10:30):


You can find Zoom instructions on this website page by clicking here.

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