Singing Workshop July 17, 2021

Singing Workshop July 17 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM 

The United Church of Strafford is happy to host a wonderful workshop with a dear friend of Annemieke McLane’s, Pete Sutherland.

Annemieke writes, “Pete is a chameleon, a musical story teller, composer, songwriter and can play an amazing amount of instruments well. All around the world.  For people who know Pete, he is calm, filled with humor, has lots of love for the people around and with him, and is a Teacher and Performer. He Creates.

During our pandemic zoom choir sessions (60!) we talked about tonalities, solfège, while learning tons of repertoire, recorded etc, and some singers mentioned missing shape note singing…

A decision was made, to safely sing outside (pray HARD! for good weather) or inside, masked.

You will be inspired by the repertoire choice, the history, backgrounds of Shape note singing and Ballads.

Please let us know if you can attend at  Bring water and lunch.  Donations are welcome.  All welcome!  Invite friends!

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