Climate Action Needed Now in Vermont

Here is an urgent appeal from Susan Hodges, the moderator of Strafford Climate Action, the group that our congregation helped form in town.  Thank you for doing all you can!

First, here are the two attachments Susan refers to in her email below.

GHG accounting v6

How to Change Your Name on Zoom

Dear Friends,

The next few weeks are CRUCIAL for communicating to the Vermont Climate Council what you want them to do!  I know this email is a bit long, but I hope you will look it over (all the way to the end) and take action! The more people communicate with the Council, the better.

Here are several actions you can take!  Please don’t wait!

  1. Virtually attend the Climate Council meeting for delivery of the postcards!  Vanessa Rule of 350VT has sent all of us an invitation:  You are invited to join the (virtual) delivery of the Just Transition postcards (more than 1400 and counting!) to the Vermont Climate Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept 28th at 4:10pm.  Here is the link to join:

Meeting ID: 957 8526 8631;  Passcode: 562614

Find your local number:

The more people who show up, the better! Note:

– When you join the call, please rename yourself with your name, town/city, and “PCAP” for “People’s Climate Action Plan”. (See attached instruction for how to do this.)

– The public comments is listed on the meeting agenda at 4:20pm but we want to make sure we don’t miss this, so please join at 4:10pm.  The meeting ends at 4:30pm.

  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and let me (or Vanessa) know if you plan to attend so we have a head count!
  1. Write comments to the Council: Your communication can be as short as a few sentences, or longer if you are fired up!  350VT has lots of resources, including the “asks” that are on the postcard many of you signed, as well as ideas, wording, etc.  See more at and explore the pages under “campaigns/projects”.

Link for submitting comments to Climate Council:

Read already submitted comments here:

  1. Attend one or more meetings of the Council: 

Overall VT Climate Council timeline (calendar):

Listing of Events (meetings) including virtual:

  1. Learn more about the problem of counting emissions accurately.
At this point, it appears that the Climate Council is counting emissions very inaccurately and actually not according to legal requirements here in VT, a major obstacle to developing an effective Plan.  Here are links to some pertinent articles about this issue. “Scofflaws Off the Hook?”

“Will Vermont’s Climate Plan be based on a Lie? Learn about this and take action”

For more detail and explanation, I have attached a pdf of a powerpoint developed by Stuart Blood of Thetford (attached).

Thank you for your continued interest in taking action regarding Climate Change! And please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!


Susan “moderator” Strafford Climate Action

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