Seeking a New Church Musician!

The United Church of Strafford (VT) seeks a keyboard musician to play for Sunday worship services and on Christmas Eve, starting immediately. The musician should have sufficient proficiency to play piano (or piano and organ) for worship services, including solo keyboard works, congregational hymns, and choral accompaniment. Pay is based on the number of services the musician plays for. We will gladly consider applicants who are not available for all Sundays each month.

The United Church of Strafford is affiliated with both the United Church of Christ and American Baptist Convention and is located at 230 Justin Morrill Highway, Strafford, Vermont.

Skills and knowledge – required

  • Proficiency on piano or piano and organ – ability to
    • Sightread hymns
    • Perform longer pieces from classical or classical and other (pop, jazz, gospel) repertoire
    • Accompany choir

Skills and knowledge – nice to have

  • Knowledge of choral repertoire
  • Knowledge of vocal technique and warm ups
  • Ability to rehearse and conduct a choir

Time commitment

  • Work for mutually agreed-upon number of Sunday services per month plus Christmas Eve, including an hour of choir rehearsal before worship services (total of 2.5 hours per Sunday)
  • Coordinate music selections with the pastor

Pay Structure: Musician will be paid a set fee per worship service, including coordination with pastor and rehearsal with choir

Please email a letter of interest and your resume to: Please put “Church Musician” in the subject line.

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