2/5/23 Event: Understanding Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation

Understanding Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sexual Orientation

Sunday, February 5  ~  3:30-5:30 pm

United Church of Strafford Sanctuary, on the Common, Strafford, Vermont

In Person and Streamed on Zoom

Please email unitedchurchofstrafford@gmail.com to receive a zoom link.

In this interactive workshop, we will use our shared knowledge, curiosity
and empathy to better understand the meanings of terms relating to gender
and sexual orientation.  We will explore current data and issues facing
young people.  Attendees will have access to online or paper resources to
take home. No prior knowledge is necessary; this is an introduction to
these ideas and all that is required is  an open mind and willingness to

Why? In September, members of the United Church of Strafford voted
unanimously to host  a series of educational and explorative discussion
sessions about issues relating to sexual orientation, gender identity and
gender expression in the context of our society, the Christian church and
our circles of family and friends.

Facilitator: Christa Wurm (she/her)  has been an educator for over 24
years.  Her workshops emphasize learning through building connections and
exploring our assumptions.   With a  background in Outdoor Education,
leading wilderness and international expeditions with young people, Christa
became part of the faculty of the Sharon Academy in 2002. She has taught
Spanish language and culture, Sex Education, Life Skills, Leadership, and
Outdoor Skills, among others. Christa  is committed to increasing
educational access to students from marginalized populations.  Her
professional learning has focused on gender inclusion, sexuality education,
antiracism, bias awareness, suicide prevention, workplace inclusion, and
dignity.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work while
raising two young Jedi Warriors with her amazing wife at the edge of the

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