Congregation Questionnaire

Some Questions from Pastor Tom Kinder

The United Church of Strafford Deacons are sending out this questionnaire in cooperation with our new settled pastor, the Rev. Tom Kinder.  Tom is eager to get to know the congregation in order to help it focus on what is most important for its future.  To that end we are inviting you to answer three questions he is posing.  We hope everyone who cares about this church will respond both in writing and by attending one of the small group gatherings we will have in various homes this fall.

Please return this questionnaire by September 24th

  • by clicking here and filling it out on line (be sure to click “DONE” at the bottom of the survey when you are done); or,
  • by printing the questions below and dropping your answers off in the Pastor’s mailbox in the church library or by mailing them to the church at PO Box 124, Strafford, Vermont 05072.

Here are the questions Tom is asking:

  1. What three things do you appreciate most about this church?


  1. What three things do you like least about this church, things that have made you feel disappointed, angry, or sad?


  1. What three things do you dream this church will be or do or become?


Your name (optional):

United Church of Strafford Covenant

We gather together with freedom of conscience in a community of love and inquiry.

All are welcome, without exception. We practice Christianity with faith and compassion.

We covenant with one another to embody the love of Christ, to nurture contemplation and action, and to offer our gifts, talents and energies as we are able.


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