United Church of Strafford, Vermont

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Future Directions Vision Statements, First Drafts for Comment

The Future Directions process began with churchwide conversations and a questionnaire a year ago, in the fall of 2017.  The Future Directions Study Group (Danette Harris, John Hawkins and Pastor Tom Kinder) then took the twenty-six pages of comments and…

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Future Directions Statements and Dots, July 2018

Below are photographs of the Future Directions Statements with their final tally of dots on the Parish Hall Wall.  (The online responses were given dots as well.)  Underneath the photographs you can find the text of all 22 Statements. Green…

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Future Directions Responses

Dear church friends, We are excited to share the Summary Statements of Appreciations and Dreams that were developed from the questionnaires and small group meetings that many of you participated in last fall. Over the past five months, a small group (Danette…

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Congregation Questionnaire

Some Questions from Pastor Tom Kinder The United Church of Strafford Deacons are sending out this questionnaire in cooperation with our new settled pastor, the Rev. Tom Kinder.  Tom is eager to get to know the congregation in order to…

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