Pastoral Letter on Strafford Climate Emergency Resolution and Vermont Legislators

Dear neighbors,

Greta Thunberg says that we do not yet have the politics we need to deal with the climate emergency, and she is right on the national and global levels.  We need to elect leaders who are committed to taking power away from the corporate and super-wealthy forces that are currently speeding the world in the wrong direction and to returning to a democratic republic that will act in the interest of us all.
One very important thing we can do is work for those presidential and congressional candidates who have the most comprehensive vision of that restoration of democracy and have an equally comprehensive plan for mobilizing to meet the climate emergency.
We do not yet have national and global governments that can deal adequately with climate, but we do have local and state governments that can respond in smaller but still very significant ways, and quickly.  Climate is an issue where efforts at every level matter because all levels need to mobilize to meet the crisis.
The Strafford Climate Action Group is circulating a petition asking the Select Board to put a Climate Emergency Resolution on the agenda at Town Meeting.  It resolves among other things that the town will “Commit to integrating the need to act urgently on climate into all future decision-making, while incorporating transitions that are just and equitable, and to working toward a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Strafford by 2030.”
You can read the full resolution and Strafford voters can sign the petition by going to our website at
The Resolution also says the town will “Urge the government of the State of Vermont to promptly initiate and enact legislation needed to ensure that Vermont’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are met, and take steps to mitigate any resulting harm to vulnerable populations in Vermont.”
One other important thing you can do now is attend The Climate Solutions Caucus Roadshow and meet with Vermont legislators to show your support for climate action in this session. Shockingly, Vermont is behind other states in its climate response–you would think that we would be leading the way, and we should be, but it will happen only with strong public demand.  The Upper Valley event will be on November 25th, with the likely location being the Hartford Town Hall, 171 Bridge St, White River Junction.
You can make a real difference by doing these three things: 1. signing the petition for the Town Resolution, 2. letting your Vermont state representatives hear from you, and 3. attending meetings of the Strafford Climate Action Group and participating in their activities.
And as Greta says, get involved in political campaigns and vote!
Thank you for all you are doing.  We need every contribution!
Pastor Tom Kinder

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