Haiku Unmuted, Lord’s Acre 2020, “May You Look for Love”

May you look for love
with eyes, brown, green, blue, gray and
looking up with hope.

Haiku (5-7-5) project
Lord’s Acre 2020, United Church of Strafford, Vermont

Poems (see the poem texts below) by:
Deadra Ashton, Danette Harris, Joey Hawkins, Herbert A. Goertz, Mel Goertz, A. McLane, Gus Speth, David Webb.

Read and Sung by: D. Ashton; D. Harris; J. Hawkins; A. McLane; K. Plunkett; D. Webb

Flower paintings by Ingrid Webb
Photography and music by Annemieke McLane
Blue eyes baby photo by D. Harris and family

Haiku read in this video:
A child’s voice talking
Stories of heroes helping
I stop work and smile.
A. McLane

Trudging through the mist
Searching for glimmers of lights
In the dim distance.

Rose-breasted grosbeak
Sends an aria to the
Indigo bunting
J. Hawkins

Vote as if your life
Depended on thoughtful choice
Oh- in fact, it does!
J. Hawkins

Daisies reach for sun
Standing tall and elegant
Clean, white, innocent.
D. Harris

Ice caps are melting
Coral reefs bleaching ghostly white
The globe is warming.

She provides for us,
Food, water, air, shelter, but
Mother Earth’s dying.

Her air polluted
Her waters oiled with our wastes
Mother Earth’s dying.

Silence surrounds me
As I step into the fog..
The worlds disappears.

Haiku put to music in this video:
Steady soaking rain
Healing our pain and sorrow
Refreshing our lives.
D. Ashton

A song sparrow sang
in the stillness of evening
an amazing sound.
M. Goertz

A wise person said
Grief is love seeking its home
These words hold us now.

4. “Ash Trees”
Ashes wait in fear
Slender limbs strive to heaven
Offer up a prayer
G. Speth

Sweet sapphire blue eyes
What will you see in your life?
May you look for love.
D. Harris

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