Lord’s Acre 2020!

Lord’s Acre: Harvest of Hope and Gratitude

Lord’s Acre 2020 is happening – a bit different, but alive and well!

Every year for many decades, the United Church of Strafford has held an annual celebration and fundraiser, Lord’s Acre. Lord’s Acre is a celebration of our interconnected lives in this beloved local community of Strafford – a recognition and honoring of how much we need and depend on each other. And it’s a fundraiser because like all other essential organizations and institutions, the church needs financial support!

In the days to come we’ll put out some more information on the details of Lord’s Acre,  but for right now, here is what you need to know:

  • We will not be able to hold a dinner this year (save your great pie recipes for next year, please!).
  • But, wewillhold an online silent auction, “Lord’s Acre: Harvest of Hope and Gratitude”. The items in the auction are many and varied, ranging from services like oil changes and restaurant meals and holiday meal baskets, to goods like kindling and vegetables and books – and much more. The  bidding will begin on  Friday, November  13  at noon, with bids ending at noon Monday November 23. We will let you know when the site is live.
  • We will also have a magnificent recorded performance, created by our music director Annemieke McLane. It turns out that this community is chock full of haiku writers, and Annemieke has set some of the haikus to original music. The performance will be available on YouTube. Like the auction, we will let you know when this is up and ready to listen to.
  • Finally, we have many local businesses and individuals who have offered to sponsor our 2020 Lord’s Acre – a huge help to this whole effort! These will be listed on the online auction site, in the church online newsletter, and elsewhere. If you would like to be one of the sponsors (cost $40), please let June Solsaa know. You can call her at 765-4527, or email her atJune.solsaa@myfairpoint.net

Thank you all for your support in these challenging times!

Ingrid Webb, June Solsaa, Danette Harris, Joey Hawkins

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