United Church of Strafford, Vermont

Category: Black Lives Matter

Pastoral Letter on the Golden Rule and Fundamentalism, January 16, 2021

Dear Church Family, All religions I know of have some form of the Golden Rule at their core, meaning a love of neighbor as an extension of our own self, and the concept of neighbor includes strangers, enemies and the…

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Sermon from November 22, 2020

I Will Save My Flock: They Shall No Longer Be RavagedRev. Thomas Cary Kinder United Church of Strafford, VermontNovember 22 2020   Twenty-fifth and Last Sunday after Pentecost,Reign of Christ SundayPsalm 95:1-7a; Ezekiel 34:11-12, 14-16, 20-22; Matthew 25:31-46 [You can watch…

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Gus Speth Reflection, November 12, 2020

We invited Gus Speth to offer some post-election thoughts about where we go from here on our way to creating a loving, sustainable, healthy, just world—what we call the realm of God on earth.  It will help you appreciate the…

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