Maundy Thursday Last Supper Seder Dinner Theater

Maundy Thursday Last Supper Seder Dinner Theater, March 29, 6:30-8:30 PM

If you feel moved by the candlelit beauty of Christmas Eve, you may find this event just as moving if not more so.  We will begin with an informal Passover seder with a variety of traditional and nontraditional foods, including ones to fill a hungry vegetarian (see the menu and call for help below).

At the end of the meal we will turn out the lights and reenact the last supper by candle light.  We will then hear a theatrical, poetical retelling of the story of Jesus’ last eighteen hours of life performed by Meg Albee, Maeve Miller and Tom Kinder. Candles will be extinguished one by one as the disciples desert Jesus, ending in total darkness when he is led to be crucified.

All ages are welcome—children third grade and older may find this meaningful as well as beautiful.  Donations will be accepted but the event is free and open to the public (you are encouraged to invite friends).

Please make reservations by emailing or speaking with Tom (765-2710, feel free to leave a message).


This is not a potluck, but we are looking for people to provide food, as well as assist with set up and clean up.  If you can provide one of the dishes below, please email the church to let us know what you will be bringing.  Please have your dish in the kitchen by 6:15 PM on the 29th.

Christina and Tom will provide:

  • A Seder plate (lamb bone, bitter herbs (maror, hazoret), parsley (karpas), haroset, hard boiled egg)
  • Matzo ball soup (chicken and veggies)
  • Kugel (vegetarian egg dish)
  • Grape Juice
  • Praline squares

We are looking to others to provide the following, ideally with no grains and no leavening (e.g. no baking soda, baking powder, yeast) and nothing leavened.  (Christina and Tom have recipes if people would like to attempt a traditional Passover dish, but that is not required!)

  • Lamb dish
  • Chicken dish
  • Roast potatoes or other potato dish
  • Vegan dish
  • Deviled eggs or other egg dish
  • Green salad
  • Haroset (apple, date, nuts, etc.)
  • Fresh horseradish
  • Beet dish
  • Matzo and butter
  • Flourless cake or other dessert

Thank you for your help!

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