Upcoming Service Notes for December 29, 2019, Annual Carol Sing and Story Telling Service

There are twelve days of Christmas, stretching from December 25th through January 5th.  This Sunday will be the 5th Day of Christmas and we will celebrate it at 10:00 AM with a service that is designed to feel like the family gathered around the piano singing and telling stories.  It is the most relaxed and informal service of the year, and one of the most joyous and up-lifting.

The content of the service is almost entirely up to you.  We sing carols by request, and we invite you to bring a favorite Christmas story, poem or song to share, or an observation or reflection.  It could be something you have read or heard or something you experienced this Christmas or in the past.

We will take an offering as an act of Christmas gift-giving.  After the service we will share delicious food, and you are invited to bring in a sampling of your favorite Christmas or New Years treats.

That’s about it, simple and sweet, and with a surprising power to fill our hearts with Christmas light and send us shining into the world.  This is a good service for anyone who loves Christmas or loves to sing carols, so feel free to invite visitors and friends. We will have childcare available, and children are also welcome to stay in with us for the all the singing and story telling.

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