Strafford Climate Action Events

Here are items we are passing along from Strafford Climate Action, a group that many in our congregation are involved with and that our church helped found.


Email us at if you would like to see minutes of the group’s meetings or get on its mailing list.  Please note, Strafford Climate Action is not a church organization, we would simply pass along your request.


Watch for information about an August 20th 7:00 PM Zoom event on the health effects of the Climate Crisis, including health effects here in Strafford as well as elsewhere, led by Dr. Robyn Jacobs.


Check out the Strafford Climate Action Blog:


The UU Church is supporting our idea of having Activist Art on their lawn, art that will get people’s attention regarding climate change.  (As a matter of fact, they want an Activist Art Garden and invite others to make installations.)  Randy Wilson and I are starting to create the first one about Ocean Pollution. (Update 7/19: Our first work is on display across from Barrett Hall.  Hopefully to inspire us to lessen our plastic use and encourage commercial sellers to do the same.)

Other up-coming topics:  Vehicles, Dryers vs. hanging clothes out, Voting, Black Lives Matter and Plastic manufacturing.  You are invited to make one, help make one, or think up one. Creators can get on touch with me (Carol Langstaff and I’ll send you the guide lines.


Out of the Strafford Climate Action group, the idea of having a “Community Nurse” (and/or other healthcare collaborators) in Strafford has come around (again)!
A “HeathHub”practitioner would provide assessment, care, collaboration, advocacy, and referral within the health care system. This free service to all living in Strafford, would also enable elders in our community to succeed at aging in place. We would be able to establish a continued relationship with the nurse, and serve as a vital link to the larger healthcare system in our region. It would not replace one’s healthcare provider, but intends to cut down on trips to health care facilities. It would allow those who wish to utilize the Health Hub to have confidentiality, personalized care plans, and continuity of care.

A ZOOM presentation from Laurie Harding of the Upper Valley Community Nurse Project, will introduce this exciting project onThursday July 30th from 4:45 – 5:45pm. She will explain the concept of community health and how it has worked in other towns in the Upper Valley. A ZOOM link will be provided to those who are interested prior to the meeting.

Those interested in continued discussion about how this might unfold in Strafford are welcome to join in meeting the week following.

Let Carol or Nicole know if you are interested in attending the ZOOM presentation and if you would like further information sent to your e-mail.
Carol Langstaff: or Nicole Pavick:

Below is a brochure about the Community Nursing Project.  You can download a pdf of it by clicking here: Community Nursing Brochure


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