NEW: On Line Donations

Dear Church Family,

We have set up an account for on-line donations with Vanco, a company recommended by the national United Church of Christ that works with thousands of churches like ours.  We feel secure that they are as trustworthy as any on line donation company can be.  We have found them responsive and sensitive to church needs as we have worked with them.

I just went through the process myself of making an online donation and found it quick and easy.  I was asked to set up an account which involved the usual things: my email address and address and a sophisticated password.  I then was invited to make a donation and that page was quick and easy, too.  I was asked for my credit/debit card information or other form of payment, and I had the option of making a one time donation of any amount or to make it a recurring gift at a range of frequencies.  I immediately received an email receipt.  It is all standard, very professional, and one of the simplest systems I’ve seen.

We hope that this will make your life easier if you would like to support the work of the church, which, of course, we hope you will.  We are at a disadvantage right now—our weekly offerings are a substantial portion of our annual giving.  We are obviously falling behind!  The church is as active as ever and playing a leading role in the care for the community.  We appreciate your contributions to keep all the good work happening.

If you would like to donate on line, please click here.  And please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this.  We are all in this together, responding to an extremely challenging time, finding the path by doing our best to discern where to put our foot down next, trusting in our collective wisdom through which the Holy Spirit speaks.  So thank you for anything you have to contribute as we take this next step.

Happy Easter!

Pastor Tom Kinder

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